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Whether it’s a gig or long-term engagement, we are ready to assist you andyour team. Our industry-adept team provides real-time VFX from concept to engine implementation. Upon further request, we are also happy to develop concept art and illustrations for your projects.Glaucus Games are an open-minded team with substantial experience in the field of game development and production. We know how much time and commitment this passion calls for and thus only realise games we are convinced of. Quality above quantity is crucial for us.



Glaucus Games see themeselves as a family, where creative freedom,autonomy, and a sociable work environment are central. Our flat hierarchies and well-integrated remote work help us achieve this balance.
The passion for the game and the ambition to have a share in the industry connect us, a team of resourceful and proficient co-workers. We welcome every opportunity to employ and expand our skills. That’s why we value flexible project management that allows for further training. Our employees should also benefit from Glaucus Games


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Together we develop various game visions from scratch, which you can check out HERE. From idea to concept to execution, we cherish every step of the process. Most often we take on a beloved, but somewhat out-dated genre and try to give a new twist.

How quickly we can realise our own projects depends on our general engagement situation, which requires dynamic adjustments. Although Glaucus Games work remotely, the team gets together regularly and organises game nights, training sessions as well as in-house game jams. All our results are uploaded to our itch.io site.Here’s to the fun of games!

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